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Best Bitcoin Interest Platforms (Top 3)

Here's Where To Earn Interest On Your Bitcoin:

How do you earn passive income from your crypto assets? The best bitcoin interest platforms have low risk and high yield wealth generation features that are a sure bet for any crypto investor. Below are the top 3 bitcoin interest platforms in the market:

Option 1: BlockFi

Option 2: Celsius Network

Option 3:

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The app user interface is a stunner. It allows users to spend, trade, store, and save their cryptocurrencies.’s key features include low fees, easy currency conversion, interest on crypto holdings, and strong security. 

Think of as more of a crypto bank than a cryptocurrency exchange or brokerage. Users can buy and sell crypto assets on the exchange, swap crypto through their DeFi wallets, and spend their crypto assets using a prepaid card. There are five prepaid Visa Cards used to make payments at points of sale accepting Visa cards.

Users can unlock more benefits if they use the native CRO token, including 8% cashback on all card transactions, among other bonuses. users can use the platform to store, spend, and send cryptocurrencies. 

Users can also earn up to 14% interest on their crypto holding. However, this high yield return can only be accessed using the native CRO token, while other cryptocurrencies attract a slightly lower interest rate. 

The specific interest rate mainly depends on how long the money is held in the account, the type of cryptocurrency used, and the amount of CRO tokens staked.  Members can increase their interest rate by staking more than 50,000 CRO, depositing for a three-month term, and investing in stablecoin.

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Option 4: Nexo

Nexo is a hybrid between BlockFi and Celsius, and one of its stand-out features is the 100% guaranteed insurance policy of $375 million with BitGo. Other features include up to 12% in annual interest and daily payout. 

The platform boasts more than $12 billion in assets under its management, with more than one million registered users.  Users can buy or stake the Nexo token, earn interest on their crypto assets, and borrow cash.


Use these top-notch bitcoin interest platforms to earn a passive income from your assets. The best practice is to allocate a share of your portfolio amongst several yield earning platforms to spread risk and earn more income.