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Best Crypto Debit/Credit Cards 2022 (Top 3)

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With cryptocurrency becoming more and more mainstream in the world of finance, inevitably a number of cryptocurrency debit and credit cards have emerged. There’s no shortage of options out there but in this article we’ll take a look at some of the best crypto debit/credit cards on the market right now. Each of these debit cards connect to one of your crypto wallets, enabling you to use your crypto to make cash purchases.

What Are The Best Crypto Debit/Credit Cards Right Now?

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The Visa Card is a real favourite of ours. The main reason it stands out is the amazing in-app experience, making it super simple to put crypto on your card or buy more crypto.

The card and rewards you receive is dependent on how much CRO (cryptocurrency created by you stake, although they do offer a free entry-level tier called Midnight Blue. Other tiers require you to stake CRO for at least six months, after which you are free to keep your stake, along with all the benefits, or withdraw and have your benefits reduced.

Users can earn up to 5% cashback on each transaction, with higher tier cardholders also able to claim a number of free subscriptions (Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more) as well as airport lounge access and other rewards.

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The Plutus debit card is less well-known but it’s another crypto debit card that we highly recommend. Plutus are a UK-based company offering a great rewards system, giving you money back off brands like Nike, Puma, Costa and Starbucks.

Plutus uses the Pluton (PLU) token, which is issued on top of Ethereum with smart contracts to facilitate payments between consumers and merchants. Merchants can accept cryptocurrency as payment without having to deal with volatility or shelling out fees to intermediate services such as exchanges or payment processors. The PLU token can be used to access lower transaction fees and redeem more perks within the app.

One of our favourite features of the Plutus debit card is that you can top up with Metamask, without needing to go through a middle man. This means that if you had Ethereum in your Metamask account for example, you could top up your Plutus debit card with ETH.

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Best Crypto Debit:Credit Cards 2022 coinbase
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As one of the largest exchanges, Coinbase is a well-established name in crypto, making it well-placed to enter the crypto debit card market. It also goes without saying that the card is hugely convenient for Coinbase users, making it super easy to top-up in a matter of seconds.

The Coinbase Visa card is well protected by Coinbase’s transaction security and allows users to freeze their card anywhere, anytime using the accompanying app. Users are also able to claim up to 4% cashback on each transaction. It is compatible with a relatively broad range of cryptocurrencies and has no transaction fees.

The card is most suited to users who are already familiar with and regular users of Coinbase, and are looking to earn crypto rewards on their day-to-day purchases. Having said that, the Coinbase Visa card, and the Coinbase platform itself, are extremely user-friendly and accessible to newcomers looking to get started in the world of crypto.

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These are the cards we believe to be the best crypto debit/credit cards to look out for in 2022. Hopefully this guide has helped clarify some of the questions surrounding these cards, and if you do decide to sign up to any of the cards mentioned in the article then don’t forget to use our referral links to claim your free sign-up bonuses!

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