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Best Crypto Trading Bot (2022)

best automated crypto trading bot 2022

What Is The Best Crypto Trading Bot Strategy In 2022?

Crypto trading bots are becoming an increasingly useful tool for traders looking to make marginal gains over their peers by maximising trading efficiency and profitability. The best automated crypto bot strategies enable you to make trades instantly whilst also removing the potential for human error. These bots allow you to take advantage of volatile cryptocurrencies by anticipating moves in the market using predefined strategies to trigger trading signals.

Some traders like to go straight to a crypto bot trading platform and start using the bot with its predefined rules. Others like to program the bot to suit their specific trading strategy, such as buying a certain coin at a specified time or price.

What Are The Best Automated Crypto Trading Bots?

best automated crypto trading bot
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MDX Trading Bot

MDX ALGO members can access a load of useful tools and insights to help you get ahead in the market. As well as the algorithmic indicators, all-in-one dashboard and VIP trader’s discussion group, MDX ALGO gives you access to the MDX Trading Bot.

MDX Automation is an automated trading strategy hosted on Bybit. It ‘s designed to beat the USDT/BTC trading pair over medium to long-term timeframes. The MDX Trading Bot trades on Bybit copy trading and the Binance BTC/USDT pair. 

Fully Backtested Automation System

What Are The Advantages Of Automated Crypto Trading Bots?

It’s important to remember that an automated bot can only do so much of the work for you, and does not mean that you can afford to take your eyes off the ball completely.  You still need to do your due diligence and apply the knowledge and experience you have collected so far.

That being said, an automated crypto trading bot can be massively helpful in the following ways:

Automating Repetitive Tasks

An obvious area that a trading bot can help with is the boring, time-consuming admin tasks. A good example of this is periodic rebalances. Rather than manually conducting regular portfolio rebalances, you can simply program a trading bot to rebalance every hour, every day, forever.

best crypto trading bot
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Timing Trades

Timing is a massively important element of trading. You obviously want to ensure that you time each trade optimally to protect or enhance your earnings. In a situation where you have decided you want to sell your position the moment a coin drops to a certain price, you would ordinarily have to keep a careful eye on the market to wait for the price to hit that mark, and even then you might not time it right. An automated trading bot can be simply programmed to execute a trade at precisely specified moments, meaning you don’t need to waste your time waiting around for the market to move. This is also particularly useful in the 24/7 world of crypto where the market never sleeps.

Taking Emotion Out Of The Equation:

As the crypto market can be highly volatile, it’s very easy to let emotion affect your judgement and find yourself chasing losses or buying out of FOMO. A crypto trading bot removes the emotional element entirely and allows you to make trades based solely on data.

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Why MDX ALGO Is The Best Automated Crypto Trading Bot?

Many scalping bots will work well initially before dropping off due to not being consistently updated using machine learning to keep up with an ever changing market. MDX Automate is a long-term trading bot based on traditional trading metrics, helping to give you a broader, long-term strategy that works again and again.

If you had put $10,000 into Bitcoin in January 2020, you’d now be sitting on $20,375. If you had put $10,000 into Bitcoin in January 2020 using MDX Automate, your investment would now be worth a whopping $80,355. Many trading bots will make big claims about how they can supercharge your trading experience but MDX ALGO is proven to work consistently over long-term timelines.

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Bybit is the only exchange that currently supports MDX ALGO’s Automation bot. Bybit is a hugely popular global exchange which we recommend for Bitcoin trading in particular for the super low fees.

To start using MDX Automate on Bybit, you’ll first need to sign up to MDX ALGO. This not only gives you access to MDX Automate but also to a wide range of features to help enhance your trading experience:

  • Improve your strategy with industry-leading TradingView indicators, developed by experienced traders. 
  • Join a powerful tight-knit community and learn ideas and strategies from elite trading experts.
  • Access the all-in-one MDX ALGO dashboard specifically designed to make it easy to monitor the market and gain insights into price movements.
  • Real time buy & sell alerts
  • Weekly altcoin selection to help you diversify your portfolio and stay ahead of new and emerging coins.

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Once you’ve set up your MDX ALGO premium account, click the button that takes you through to the Bybit copytrading section and follow the MDX ALGO profile to begin copying the automated strategy.

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