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Bitget Exchange Review (No KYC, No VPN)

Bitget Exchange Review (No KYC, No VPN)

What is Bitget?

Bitget is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in Singapore in 2018. It lists around 250 cryptocurrencies and tokens and offers no deposit fees for trading. The exchange has been granted regulatory approvals in Canada, the US, and Australia, making it a trusted place to trade.

Bitget has a current user base of over two million and in January 2022 ranked third globally based on daily average for future trading. Available on desktop as well as mobile via their app, Bitget offers free copy trading and has some amazing incentives for master traders looking to gain followers. 

Our Bitget review will cover all the reasons why anyone looking to trade Bitcoin or altcoins in the US should be using Bitget.

Why Use Bitget?

No 'Know Your Customer' (KYC)

One of the advantages of Bitget is its optional Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Bitget allows unverified users to follow copy traders and make daily withdrawals. Whilst there are slight perks for verified users – such as being able to amass followers as copy traders, as well as a higher daily withdrawal ceiling – the option to remain unverified whilst still being able to access the vast majority of its features, sets Bitget apart from its competitors.

Bitget Copytrading
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Huge Daily Withdrawal Allowances

Another commonly acknowledged perk of using Bitget is its incredibly simple and generous withdrawals. Unverified users are able to withdraw up to BTC20 each day (or the altcoin equivalent), whilst traders who have completed the optional KYC process are able to withdraw up to BTC200! Withdrawal fees are also listed clearly on the website.

No VPN Necessary

Unlike other exchanges which are prohibited in the US or UK, Bitget does not require you to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to trade. This makes it a much simpler exchange to access for the average trader as you don’t need to worry about concealing your location. 

If you do need a VPN to access other exchanges, make sure you check out our recent article on The Best VPNs for Trading Crypto.

Bitget is a user-centric crypto exchange that caters to both newcomers and veterans of the crypto trading world. Its helpful prompts are great for keeping newer users informed of the entire trading process whilst allowing professional traders to easily ignore them. The exchange also has a straightforward way for users to copy trading strategies, which can be used to facilitate the sharing of knowledge through various trading strategies. Bitget’s helpfulness and competitively low fees make it a great option for pretty much everyone looking for their new favourite crypto trading exchange.

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