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Ian Balina Interview (Token Metrics CEO)

Token Metrics CEO On Platform Features and Functionalities

Ian Balina is a native of Ugandan and the Founder and CEO of Token Metrics. He quit his job as a data analyst and IT expert to focus fully on cryptocurrencies. He has worked with companies such as Deloitte and IBM and is a crypto investor and researcher. 

Token Metrics is a crypto investment research platform that helps investors leverage data to become smart investors and traders. The platform has tools that allow traders to research the various market parameters and develop solid investment strategies that guarantee higher returns. 

Ian says that his platform takes tools mainly used by the top one percent of investors, hedge funds and crowdfunds, and makes them available to retail traders and investors. 

The Token Metrics platform first offers ratings from its team of experts. Their experts leverage various tools that scan data from more than 6,000 assets, mining code reviews, and audits to provide users with in-depth coin metrics data.

They also offer indices metrics that compare performances of multiple exchanges. Finally, their price predictions use data and machine learning to give price predictions.

“Same thing with my spreadsheet back in the day, but on a deeper level doing code audits and also having ML (machine learning) models go through and help us with the ratings of that. Then we use those ratings to build model portfolio indices that cater to different exchanges from Uniswap, to KuCoin, Binance, Coinbase, or the whole market, so if you are new to crypto and you want to build a portfolio, our platform lets you do that in a smart way with our data and our research. Then we also have price predictions based on machine learning”, Ian explains.

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Token Metrics USP

A unique feature of this platform is its human side, where human experts conduct code reviews as opposed to other platforms that rely squarely on machine learning and artificial intelligence.  This team is composed of blockchain research engineers who manually audit the codes. The audited code is then rated by the platform, with the final rating being the aggregate of the audit results. 

The rating product is one of the most commonly used tools on the platform and mainly helps users filter into thousands of assets and find good projects for investment. 

There are several factors and metrics that the platform considers when making price predictions. These include the shock ratio and the drawdown, which they use to locate the right market entry point. The human aspect of this platform mainly deals with analyzing, vetting, and rating new projects before they are launched officially.

Another product launched recently is the visual trend indicators that use in-built models to predict when to buy or sell. These indicators, according to Ian, are not financial or investment advice but simply tools that give traders and investors an idea of when to buy or sell their cryptos. In addition, these indicators are estimates and not always 100% correct.

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Token Metrics History

Token Metrics is a spin-off spreadsheet that Ian and his team developed for crypto assets investment. Strategies designed from this spreadsheet supported the team’s realization of abnormal profits and soon was in demand in the larger market. In addition, their spreadsheet had data and analytics on various coins, exchanges, and ICOs. At the peak of its popularity, the spreadsheet attracted more than one million views per month. 

The Token Metrics spreadsheet helps highlight the high demand for data and analytics among crypto traders and investors. On this basis, the team decided to scale up the spreadsheet’s capability by building a full-fledged online platform to offer cryptocurrency research, data, and analytics. This is the origin of Token Metrics.

Contrary to spreadsheets that require manual analysis, their new online platform has AI and machine learning capabilities that allow traders and investors to apply advanced research and analysis tools to arrive at better results. Token Metrics, therefore, caters to beginners and experienced traders and has access to thousands of cryptocurrencies for comparison. 

Apart from traders and investors, Token Metrics is also a learning tool for those seeking to boost their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and market trends and dynamics. Investors leverage Token Metrics to pinpoint projects that are likely to take the market by storm. 

Token Metrics also has a team of experts who issue daily market alerts. These alerts provide real-time market data ensuring Token Metrics users never miss out on trades or market-shifting events. The team has evolved its alert system and developed it into what has been dubbed the Token Metrics TV dedicated to offering premium content on cryptocurrencies. The content is tailored to different audiences, including new traders and experienced traders, and traders targeting other assets.

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Automating The Human Aspect

The Token Metrics team is working on automating the human side of the platform. Some elements that will undergo automation include code reviews as the team improves the accuracy and speed of review.  The automation will also allow the platform to review and rate several projects within a short time. 

In setting its analysis tools, Token Metrics takes note of the investors and the trader side. Investor’s tools develop long-term strategies. These strategies offer better long-term returns in high-performing assets as well as the growth momentum.

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