MDX ALGO Weekly Update (14/08/2023) – MDX Crypto

MDX ALGO Weekly Update (14/08/2023)


This is MDX ALGO. We’re like your trading sensei, ready to karate chop those impulsive moves and teach you the art of strategic investing. We’ve got your back, black belt style! 🥋
Here’s the low-down this week:

📈 Crypto & Traditional News
👏 MDX ALGO Weekly Big Winners
🏆 MDX ALGO Legendboard Leaders
👀 Live Coaching Sessions

But first...

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Crypto News 📈

Traditional News 🗞

You know what we love, a double whammy. ‘Crypto Soho’ starts us off with two BTC longs from swift market structure changes. Then we see ‘YHWH’ popping off with a beautiful Cardano long. Keep it up, traders!


The MDX ALGO Legendboard Leaders 🏆

We have our weekly winners! Congratulations to these three for trading their way to the top; crypto prizes are on their way.

The Monthly 📆

We have 17 days left and the competition is getting steamy like a sauna on a Sunday. ‘Angel‘ is leading the pack with a massive 60% lead while ‘modesto’ and ‘ThumpCase’ are battling it out over 2nd place.

The All-Time Legendboard 🏅

It’s official, ‘Happy Cat Disco’ has peaked past 100 legend points! The first trader in the community to achieve this feat. The first of many we’d hope. Keep ’em coming! There are cash prizes at stake.

This Week's Live Sessions At MDX ALGO 👀

The top-notch live coaching sessions continue. We’re spoiling you rotten with this many every week. Join MDX ALGO to make sure you don’t miss out! Use code MDX50 for 50% off.

Market Mondays 📊
Join ‘Trader Kiran’ today for a whole host of different market analyses to prepare for the week ahead.

TA Tuesdays 📈
Join ‘Trader DusT’ for some market analysis using market structure and the MDX Algo Indicators.

Wedge Wednesdays 📈
Join ‘Trader StuTube’ for a full session on Risk Management. Be ready to level up your trading game.

Q&A Thursdays 🗣️
Join ‘Trader Kiran’ for another Smart Money Concepts, this time all about how to identify fair value gaps/imbalances.

Fib Fridays 💎
Join ‘Coach Jan’ for a Fib Friday session of live backtesting – using historical data to test the accuracy of trading strategies.

The Weekend 🥳
We’ve got Scalp Saturdays & Sunny Sundays this weekend, but you’ll have to head over to Discord later in the week to find out what’s included.