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MDX Trading Portal Review

One Of A Kind Platform

The MDX Trading Portal is literally helping crypto members make serious gains. Designed to be incredibly user-friendly, you can access any of the thousands of tradable cryptocurrencies key stats.

All listed coins’ market orders, market cap, and dominance data is prominently displayed for easy decision-making when setting up trades.

One of the flagship features include access to the MDX premium indicators and secret altcoin picks/trading portfolio insights. These tools bring immeasurable value to both novice and experienced traders.

Access to 4 highly specialised TradingView indicators, developed by the MDX trading experts

Alongside cutting edge TradingView Indicators there is also the MDX Legends Team’s trading support, high signal accuracy, mentoring options and a powerful community.

For newbies, trading with indicators can be hard to understand, and trading without in-depth technical analysis can lead to wreck city (RIP), but the MDX Premium Group supports and guides, teaching the skills required to be a successful trader.

Some traders allow their more crypto-savvy friends to trade for them, others make the terrible mistake of giving strangers their money to trade on their behalf (whoops!) – which inevitably ends up being a scam and returns them absolutely nothing.

We believe every new trader should invest in themselves first and gain crypto-trading knowledge and experience from the best – so the MDX Portal was created to help people along their learning journey.

MDX Trading Portal 👉

Meet The MDX Legends Team

Need help to understand chart patterns and trading indicators? Contact the legends… always there ensuring that you make well-informed trades based on accurate probability, rather than that gut feeling/emotional thinking that rules most beginner traders.

The Legends Team shares its robust altcoin trading portfolio, primed to produce maximum returns, thanks to our stringent in-house Altcoin selection strategy.

Get access to MDX’s Altcoin portfolio at any given time

The MDX Portal’s Premium account also features fantastic crypto insights on various coins and exchanges, bringing you the latest insider knowledge as a matter of urgency.

To top it off, we have banter charts, a leaderboard, and an events tab to keep you up to date with real-time crypto events – so you don’t miss out on good deals such as token issuance dates and token airdrops.

Welcome To The MDX Trading Portal Leaderboard!

All MDX Trading Portal users can access TradingView, Token Metrics, Bitcoin Visuals, and Look Into Bitcoin tools directly from the MDX platform. Look Into Bitcoin is an open access, free Bitcoin market dynamics repository.

Bitcoin Visuals show the Bitcoin blockchain’s current and historical data and a wide range of other crucial blockchain data. Token Metrics is a digital currency exchange founded by Ian Balina, an ardent crypto analytics buff, and investor. TradingView is a great crypto charting network with a social networking edge.

Despite the cryptocurrency industry’s recent price slump, its market cap is currently still over the 1.4 trillion mark. In April 2021, the crypto market capitalization crossed the $2 trillion mark – as bitcoin crossed the $60,000 price range.

The sector’s ongoing growth is unparalleled and will only continue to grow as more investors realise the power and utility of blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency exchanges like Robinhood have experienced a sixfold rise in traders in 2021. This exchange in particular boasts over 9.5 million users buying, selling, and ‘hodling’ digital currencies on its platform.

Unfortunately, most of these users have a very basic understanding of blockchain technology, exchanges, and cryptocurrencies. As a result, the analytic reasoning behind investing in events like initial exchange offerings (IEOs) or initial coin offerings (ICOs) eludes most new traders.

For this reason, and because most newbie traders don’t understand technical analysis, most traders start their crypto trading journeys blindly, often losing all of their funds due to a lack of trading insight and market knowledge immaturity. Sadly, these traders will often turn their back on the market, labeling it a fraud, Ponzi scheme, or money laundering industry.

At the MDX Trading Portal we endeavour to provide these newbie traders with the support networks, knowledge and guidance they need to become successful crypto traders.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you tackle crypto trading correctly, and join the greatest trading community in the world now!

MDX Trading Portal 👉